by Sennedra

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The first record from Sennedra


released September 13, 2015

Art direction - J scott, A wilson.
Photography - Wilson, Scott, Marchione
Produce - By J. Scott at Shadow-Exertus Production
all material written by Scott, Wilson 2012 - 2015



all rights reserved


Sennedra Guelph, Ontario

Sennedra is folk/doom metal band. We hail from a land somewhere south of boredom and north of excitement. A place referred to in ancient day as Turtle Island. The stories we tell where hewn forth, often from personal recollection. These tales may be steeped in lore and fantasy but much is told in truth of experience. Let your minds eye carry you away into Sennedra's Allusions ... more

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Track Name: The Room
Track Name: Solus Moonlight
Now here in this sanctuary
Paint my scenery black with grey and gold
Feel no more, under a Solus moonlight
Your pearl surface, it seems so perfect, so bleak
You I hear and I keep, all others are weak
So lost, so found, your magnificence so proud!
Eluded by life, I'm one with the shadows.
Bring me the torment! Bring it to me!
you body like broken flesh, so wilted and weak.
live forever, Forever with out rest.
Track Name: The Allure of the Haunted Woods and the Dark Secret They Hold
All along the dreary mire, as the willow wept, the mist is crawling and the land takes a breath. In the thickening of an Autumn mornings fog with antiquate and crooked stance, the old man is upon the moor. His presence a tale, the bounty of age. phantom stories of ancient lore. His marrow set in noble mires, deeply anchored. Held steadfast his port.

Amidst the rolling fog and eerie swirls that brush the ankles of the elder lords. At morning tide and the kiss of dawn the after-light maiden would disembark.

The allure of the haunted woods and the dark secret it holds!

Far from the Day-stars vex-wound glare off in the blurring distance. with in the mist a silhouette dissolves, "The Phantom of the Grove."
Track Name: Some Autumn Mornings
I left my troubles
In the crimson foliage
So I drift forward
To the curious unknown
Where I must venture,
Nurturing my insight, whole
as did my fathers of old
invoke the wanderer soul
some autumn mornings
I loosed reigns of control
Some autumn mornings
I refresh my grief stricken soul
Track Name: The First Winds of Winter on Autumns Last Leaf
Pt. 1 In Rust they Fell:

Now the red season is upon us
as rust dances with the leaves
The frost giants reside
in frozen soil and dying trees

Soon they will bring the boast
A celebration of ice
Marking the end
the end of the seasons of life

Pt. 2 The Cave:

the autumn rain drenches me whole
Within my hart I can feel the wintry cold
The brumal eyes of a love dissolved;
stare into my very soul
now I’m cradled in the icy grip
of eternal nights all alone
and so now I return
to the only thing I have ever known

Facing the loneliness with a bitter hart of rigid stone
I retreat to the cave in which I was born
To be fed to the wolves of self loathe and scorn
and then I resolve to feel no more

Pt. 3 Eden-burn:

Let the carrion beasts
pick away at the fragments of me
the erosion of time
will scrape away the stains in my mind
transposed - undignified
my stately stature
the shadow of regret
cast by Elysian scintillant

Pt. 4 Dissolve

the falling leaves reflect my despondency
a melancholic apathy
I am a portrait of disappointment
displaced and directionless
a motionless monument of deathly cold
an Ice sculpture of the human soul
A still life expression
where there once may have been deep passion.
Dissolve!Resolved, the autumnal Fall
Track Name: Nyx and the Ghosts of Persephone
Track Name: Canticum Tristitia (song of Sorrow)
Standing on the pier I look to the end
The edge of the world and hope to ascend.
beyond these cells, beyond this realm,
beyond myself, depart this shell.

Canticum Tristitia

Drifting ever slowly through the past
from scars to stars, from minds to hearts.
I spread my wings I loath this hurt
the time has come to take leave of this earth

Canticum Tristitia
In carcerum, in terre

The lake of tears is dry and fading away
Descending soul a barren waste
starring down at the life before me
erecting now my ascendancy
The alchemy of life so old and wise
you only need to look inside

Moving every slowly into the light
Discard the darkness and begin to rise
Shed the burden of this life
Follow the path in you minds eye.
Track Name: Standing in Warsaw
Track Name: The Scorn
A dreamer fell ill, in a life lost between.
The crooked carrier frames a weight now unseen.

Silent the tongue of the speechless and the weak!
A grave dug for wish long diseased.
A heart that aches for a day long and past.
His arms relinquished and hold they ever had.

The grey ghosts of crossroads and spite.
Stare right past me as they all mope on by
A blank stare from faded glossy eye's.
Foggy with a life that left dreams behind
They stare at the future through eye's of the past,
Seeking and answer beyond the looking glass
The portrait of souls who's all lost their way,
Etched in a pallet of sorrows and grey

and so they hold, they hold hands!
With the keeper, the keeper of graves
and so they let go, let go of their lives,
Why won't you let go? Let go of your strife

The crimson grief. My angels wings, broken and weak
Since the day that my angel fell, I have no reason to carry on or to care

Track Name: Pineal Awakening